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Social Distance Dancing

These are the measures that we will be taking to ensure your child's health and safety while they dance at UPbeat Dance Center:

1. Each child will have their temperature taken as they enter. Hands will be washed or sanitized. 

2. There will be a designated flow of the front entrance and the back dismissal area. The Entrance will be the Montgomery Rd. entrance and the Exit will be the rear parking lot. Please do not drop your child more than 5 minutes early to their class. There will be NO parents or babysitters allowed in the studio. Any questions can be answered virtually or over the phone. 

3. The dance space will be marked with dance zones of at least 6 feet apart from other dancers. 

 4. Masks will be worn at ALL times.                                                                                                                            

   5. The studio will be wiped down in between classes. Classes will end 5 min earlier than in previous years: Ex: If your child has a 5:15 class it will end at 6:10!!!!!!!


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